Street Food, oida!

Bavarian street food at its finest.
The taste of Germany now at South Melbourne Market.

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Pork Knuckle. Mmmmm.

Think crackling pork knuckle on the rotisserie, sizzling German sausages on the bbq and Bretzels fresh out of the oven while sipping on a cold Bavarian Bier. Little Hof is finally bringing German Street Food to Melbourne right in the heart of one of the city’s greatest food centers the South Melbourne Market. Little Hof, Street Food, oida!


Our Story.

Born in the heart of Chinatown the concept behind Little Hof was always a dream of the three founders behind Melbourne’s favourite German Bierhall Hofbrauhaus Melbourne. After establishing a modern version of Bavarian hospitality with The Hof Downtown in Docklands, the crew at “The Hof” decided that time has come to introduce German Street Food to Melbourne. And there certainly is no better place to start this journey than South Melbourne Market. And besides a monthlong lockdown and heavy restrictions on the hospitality industry the crew couldn’t be stopped to open the Little Hof just in time to end 2020 with a big bang! Little Hof is meant to bring German Street Food to Melbourne by combining local ingredients with authentic German Flavours and of course great Bavarian Bier. Street Food, oida!


The Menu.

The menu is not (all about) the wurst! Besides the classic sausage in the breadroll we also got Germany’s number one Street Food on the cart -currywurst. And because curry wurst cant miss a freshly baked Bretzel we have the city’s biggest Bretzel wall stocked every morning with the best mouth watering german bakery good! And what the hero of all taste buds, Hofbrauhaus Melbournes famous crackling pork knuckle fresh from the rotisserie. And yes, you don’t half to go the full length as we give you the pork knuckle as half option as well – no sharing required, oida!


The Bier.

Have you ever been to the great Biergartens of Bavaria, or have you ever had that late night snack at one of Berlins famous Street Food stalls after a long night out? Yeah, nah? No worries, the bottom line is that neither of the two will happen without a great Bavarian Bier. So, wash down that Street food with a great brew, oida!



Enquire for our corporate lunch and dinner catering now. From Bretzels, Pretzel sandwiches, pork knuckles and Apfelstrudel. We turn your lunch up the Bavarian way, oida!